Powering High-Performance Services at the Edge

Enable local services on a global scale. The MobiledgeX platform can seamlessly and securely enable connectivity in the locations you need, when you need them.

Edge-Cloud R2.0

Seamless resource and application management across enterprise on-premise and operator edges

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Run your application with the power of production-grade edge infrastructure already helping applications across XR, gaming, robotics, and other fields to offer the immersive and pervasive experiences they need to be competitive leaders.

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Edge software makes deployment and discovery of backend services very easy. MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud R1.0 delivers just that.
Diana Hu, Niantic
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Who is MobiledgeX?

Next generation applications require a completely different level of distribution, trust, and scale, to ensure organizations can deliver the customer experiences they require while having operational assurance, integrity, and confidence.

MobiledgeX is working with the largest investments and assets in global infrastructure to create the world’s largest market of edge infrastructure and services, exposed in a cloud-native, easy to use platform.

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